1. Bossin' It

  2. Marble Garble
    Swim INC feat. Kenny Beeper

  3. Pump Up The Volume

  4. Like That (Remix)
    Roast Beatz

  5. Ignition
    Gramophone Soul feat. Dr. Syntax

  6. For Your Soul
    Gramophone Soul

  7. Been a Long Time
    Roast Beatz

  8. Freshly Dipped Artist Series
    Mr Fitz

  9. Breakaday
    Roast Beatz

  10. HolliWood

  11. Funk Butter Volume 1

  12. Freshly Dipped Volume 5

  13. Get on The Floor

  14. Dopealicious

  15. Of The Night
    Frankee More

  16. Party Over Here
    El Bomba & Roast Beatz

  17. Sexy Back
    Captain Flatcap

  18. Beastin' Out
    Towlie DJ

  19. Heavy Hitters
    Azido 88 & Cadillacque

  20. N.O.R.E Nuthin' (Roast Beatz remix)

  21. Listen Up

  22. Hands Up
    Bright Idea

  23. Freshly Dipped Volume 4

  24. Where I Wanna Be
    Roast Beatz

  25. Something Fantastic
    Swim Inc & Bright Idea

  26. Fungasm
    Liberty Chaps

  27. Do Dat
    Kenny Beeper & Everyman

  28. C_C Music Factory - Do you wanna get Funky (Kenny Beeper Remix)

  29. Freshly Dipped Volume 3

  30. Spaghetti Stodge
    Mr Fitz

  31. It's On Like That
    Crash Party

  32. The Reworks EP
    Haynesy feat DJ Jabbathakut

  33. Freshly Dipped Volume Two

  34. Groove Thang EP
    Kenny beeper

  35. Electric Pistachio
    Roast Beatz

  36. Tuxedo Funk
    Roast Beatz

  37. Positive Endolphins
    Liberty Chaps

  38. Flava for Ya Ear
    Ross Go

  39. In Da Funky Club
    Ross Go

  40. Freshly Dipped Volume One

  41. Funk 2 Ur Roots
    Crash Party

  42. Some 'O That
    Kurnel MC & Hipsta

  43. Let It Go Feat. MysDiggi & Ella Mae Sueref [WBBL Remix]

  44. Reach Out
    Roast Beatz

  45. Memory Lanez
    Broken Poetz feat. Glad2mecha - Memory Lanez

  46. De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring
    Frankee More

  47. Yeah
    Frankee More

  48. Unity
    Cockney Nutjob & Kurnel MC

  49. The Vibe Vessel

  50. Improve

  51. Unwind Yourself
    Gramophone Soul

  52. DJ to DJ
    Gramophone Soul

  53. The Bless Up

  54. Dancin'
    Cockney Nutjob & Kurnel MC

  55. Funk Nuggets

  56. The Mohawks - The Champ (Pecoe Remix)

  57. South Coast Rulers

  58. Visual - The Music Got Me (Frankee More Remix)
    Frankee More

  59. 5 Week Mash-Up
    Roast Beatz

  60. Let it Go feat MysDiggi and Ella Mae Sueref
    Roast Beatz


Cuttin' It Fine Bournemouth, UK

Our foundations are Hip Hop and Funk but we are heavily influenced by emerging sounds and bass lines. Mix that with vocal collaborations and a dash of turntable wizardry… You’ve found our steez.

Cuttin' It Fine is here as a movement, bringing you music, fashion and one big party. Feel free to jump on board, we’d love to have you.
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